Federico Bulsara

It wasn't easy to get Federico onboard as one of our early exclusives. In fact, it took us years. First, he was offered a non-erotic cameo in THE SUMMONER, just so he could get comfortable around the cast and crew. Then he was coaxed into a couple of solos for ACROSS THE OCEAN and MASPALOMAS.

During those initial years, fans took notice, critics praised him (his solo in MASPALOMAS gained him a "Hard Choice Award") and yes, we became good friends. Federico shed his straight persona mask and, while revealing more and more of his bi-sexuality, turned into a formidable power-bottom. Which set a precedent: if this former model (and former tv presenter) could be led from a nude cameo to an endless romp with Lucas Foz (L' ELISIR D'AMORE), truly there's hope for everyone. Federico is the perfect mix of glamour, athleticism and sexual prowess: few models of ours have since matched both his good looks and his sizzling performances.


A talkative, ebullient Sagittarius, Federico will charm most people, but alienate some. He became best friends with his partners Vilem Cage (CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA), Sebastian Dunn and Ivan Czeska (GREEK FEVER), but got into a fight with producer Ettore Tosi. In 1999 he let us all down when he didn't show up for the lobby scene in HOTEL ITALIA. Robert Volta was summoned to the set that very day.


Country: Italy

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 6'

Cock: 7 1/2"

Sexual Role: Versatile

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