<meta name="keywords" content="Ettore Tosi, flip flop, Jogos Cariocas, Brazilian men" /> <meta name="description" content="Fourth chapter of Ettore Tosi's Jogos Cariocas: Ettore Tosi and Alex flip fuck" />

Jogos Cariocas 4
Private Sex Files:  No lights, no crew: just me, my voyeur cam and the young men I've met all over the world. Real sex, real time...

Fourth (and last) chapter of Ettore Tosi's 2016 Brazilian adventures. A scorching hot flip-flop, taped in Copacabana this past Spring, when Cariocas took to the streets against president Roussef. Along with the grunts of the bedroom, you'll hear the helicopters, the horns and the whistles...


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