<meta name="keywords" content="Andrea Fusco, Marco, Ettore Tosi, Addicted2, straight guys, Italian jock, big cock" /> <meta name="description" content="Marco's big fat cock and Andrea Fusco's lust in LucasKazan's Addicted 2" />

Addicted 2    with Marco & Andrea

This second chapter in the "Addicted" series features Neapolitan newcomer Andrea Fusco and his obsession with straight guys. "You know, the guys you run into at work, on the streets...", he confesses. "It's the thrill of chasing and seducing them. It's the pleasure of transgressing". Another Neapolitan jock, 23 year old Marco, is ready to fulfill Andrea's fantasies and quench his thirst. "It's an all-Italian pairing", says director Ettore Tosi. "A Neapolitan pairing... Marco's big, fat cock and Andrea's lust make for the perfect match"


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