Daniele Montana

Newcomer Daniele is 25, hails from Rimini (Italy's best known beach town) and --lo and behold-- is openly gay. Sexy, strong, swarthy, Daniele embodies the so-called Italian looks but, contrary to most Italians, has no hang-ups about sexual roles at all. In fact, this young bodybuilder has a voracious appetite for all things sexual. He was immediately signed to an exclusive with LucasKazan and has since performed both as a tireless top and a power bottom.


Daniele clicked with Marc Dievo in his first scene and, most notably, with Giuseppe Pardi. Both partners are from Hungary, both are young, hairless and easy on the eyes. Which tells you a thing or two about whom he's into


Country: Italy

Sign: Aries

Height: 5' 9"

Cock: 6 1/2"

Sexual Role: Versatile

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