Davide Solari

Davide may very well be Italy's first gay porn icon, despite his short filmography. He started in 1997 with a nude cameo in JOURNEY TO ITALY (for now defunct Men Of Odyssey). A brief scene indeed, a couple of lines or so, but fans took notice. A year later, we talked him into playing Tadzio in our own adaptation of "Death in Venice" (THE SUMMONER). Sexually, his role asked for a jerk off only -to which he agreed. But from a dramatic point of view, the whole movie depended on him and his charisma. He was indeed the star and he did live up to everyone's expectations!

"I'm a dancer at a mixed-crowd disco", explained Davide in an interview for "Skinflicks", "and so I have guys hitting on me all the time. For me this movie is just business and, of course, fun. It doesn't matter if a fan is gay or straight, everyone likes to be liked, right?" Upon wrapping THE SUMMONER, Davide was ready to go all the way but, much to our chagrin, had a sudden change of heart (cold feet?). The sight of his glorious, thick cock, his ripped abs and melancholic eyes in THE SUMMONER is all we have left.


We were fascinated by Davide's double personality: introverted boy-next-door on one hand, go-go dancer on the other. Reluctant porn star and conscientious student. You'd hardly notice him with his clothes on. But out of those clothes...


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Country: Italy

Sign: Aries

Height: 5' 6"

Cock: 8 1/2"

Sexual Role: Jerk off

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