Mamo Vallicelli

Then 19-years-old, Mamo debuted in 2002 with MYKONOS. Still in high school at the time, he epitomized the all-Italian looks: a friendly,contagious laughter, easy going manners, piercing blue eyes against the olive complexion and... well, an ever-hard cock.

A year later, he came back with more muscles and more tattoos for THE INNKEEPER. This time around he wasn't alone, as the scene called for Mamo and his buddy, Paolo Tarantino, to jerk off gazing at each other. Which made viewers pant for more and collectors snatch his "Badpuppy Magazine" cover.


Problems with his girlfriend forced Mamo to cut his X-rated adventure short. He is sorely missed by his many fans.


» Mykonos

» The Innkeeper



Country: Italy

Sign: Cancer

Height: 6'

Cock: 7 1/2"

Sexual Role: Jerk off

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