Matthias Vannelli

Classic good looks, chiseled physique, huge cock... We couldn't ask for more when he walked in for his first screen test (MASPALOMAS). We wasted no time and offered him a small role in AMERICAN HOLIDAYS, opposite star Ettore Tosi. It was an oral-only scene, a big step for Matthias, who identifies himself as straight. But viewers took notice.

A year and a half later, Matthias finally caved in and agreed to go all the way. He was cast as the waiter in THE INNKEEPER and was offered two scenes: he drilled South African newcomer Matt Van Dorn in the first one, Russian cutie Sasha Byazrov in the second one. Both episodes sizzled and Matthias proved himself a strong top, though somewhat uninvolved.

He went on to top Mexican Ricky Martinez in BACKSTAGE and drop-dead gorgeous Roberto Giorgio in ITALIAN FOR THE BEGINNER, while becoming more comfortable and more affectionate with his partners. By the time we filmed LOVE AND LUST, he had finally given up his 'trade' persona (yes, he sucked dick. And a big one too!)


Sparks flew on the set of LOVE AND LUST, when Matthias and Lucas Andrades met. Not bad for a gay-for-pay star: baby step after baby step, he has indeed embraced a richer, more mature and complex sexuality.


Country: Italy

Sign: Pisces

Height: 5' 10"

Cock: 8"

Sexual Role: Versatile

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