Sebastian Dunn

A porn aficionado himself, Sebastian had long fantasized about being in front of the camera. We gave him a chance to make his dreams come true and flew him to Greece for a threeway with LKP exclusive Federico Bulsara and Bjorn regular Ivan Cseska. He made friends with both (particularly with Federico, another Sagittarius), amused everyone with his thick, yet charming Afrikaaner accent and impressed us with a tireless erection. Luck wasn't on our side, though. Sebastian was on duty on a cruise ship. Then he broke his leg on the eve of his journey to Italy (for the filming of DECAMERON). Finally he was snatched by a jealous boyfriend and bid farewell. He currently lives and works in London with his beau.


When he told us he liked Mexican Ricky Martinez and wanted to work with him, we promptly gave him such opportunity and booked both for DECAMERON. Sebastian broke his leg, Jean Franko was summoned at the last minute and the rest is... history, as they say. While in Greece, Sebastian had a fling with Production Manager Ettore Tosi. They've kept in touch.


» Greek Fever



Country: South Africa

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5' 9"

Cock: 7 1/2"

Sexual Role: Versatile

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