Tiziano Cortese

Much like Federico Bulsara, Tiziano took one baby step after the other. He was cast as an extra in THE SUMMONER (star Jake Andrews spotted him right away), did a nude cameo in HOTEL ITALIA, jerked off (and got sucked) in THE ROAD TO NAPLES, finally took the plunge in AMERICAN HOLIDAYS (fucking Luca Ferri's brains out). Unlike Federico though, Tiziano set boundaries he did not want to cross (kissing and reciprocating). Boundaries he's long been criticized for by fans and critics alike. We beg to differ: would you rather enjoy his performances, though limited, or not watch them at all? In a perfect world, gay-for-pay hunks would have torrid man-to-man sex. In a less than perfect world, we may have to settle for one or the other: gorgeous hunks on one hand, torrid sex on the other. In our opinion, Tiziano's flawless beauty -lips, jaw, eyes, physique,cock- was far more valuable than his sexuality and his unwillingness to let go. Does this mean he was presented as the straight god for us to worship? Not at all. Tiziano was (is) a powerful, magic ingredient in the LKP fantasy world. And we stress the word 'fantasy'. Nothing more, nothing less.


A first-class go-go dancer in Northern Italy and Spain, Tiziano had no idea he'd end up with a blow job in ROAD TO NAPLES. He had in fact agreed to an on-camera interview and a brief jerk off, but director Ettore Tosi kept the cameras rolling and jumped at the opportunity. Notice Tiziano's reaction...


Country: Italy

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5' 9"

Cock: 8"

Sexual Role: Top

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