Fabulous videography, beautiful Italian backgrounds and a handsome cast. --GayVN

School for Lovers

Directed by Lucas Kazan in 2006


Exclusives Jean Franko & Matthias Vannelli, with Karel Rok, Jason, Roberto Giorgio & Samuel Dolce.

Introducing Martin Dejdar & Fabinho


Two young couples, one indecent proposal!

Lucas Kazan Productions' 15th feature film recruits an international ensemble (Italian, Czech, Venezuelan, Hungarian & Brazilian) and a number of stunning locations in Southern Italy.

Ferrando (LK exclusive Matthias Vannelli) and Guglielmo (Jason) trust their lovers blindly. But Alfonso (LK exclusive Jean Franko) bets they're like everyone else. Ferrando and Guglielmo agree to do whatever Alfonso wants for the following 24 hours. Unaware of their lovers' plot, brothers Dorino (Martin Dejdar) and Fiorino (Karel Rok) lounge poolside.

Alfonso sets out to test the brothers' vows. He will seduce Dorino, who succumbs all too easily (Scene I) and summons Despino (Roberto Giorgio) to win Fiorino, who's determined to resist . Alfonso grows impatient... While Despino plays one last card aided by hunky Samuel Dolce (Scene II), Alfonso relieves his tension and watches a dvd (scene III, with soloist Fabinho). In the morning, Fiorino gives in (Scene IV).

Alfonso consoles the pair ... and claims his prize. He orders Ferrando and Guglielmo to strip and reminds both they' d agreed to be his slaves (scene V). Dorino and Fiorino spy on with a smile. "Happy is the man", they realize, "who takes everything to good account".

THE SCHOOL FOR LOVERS was filmed on location is Southern Italy.


What the Critics Say

"A beautifully filmed movie"

"All over the mansion and its garden of Eden, vows and hearts are broken (...) and beautiful butts are broken open (...) and beautiful foreskins are shoved aside by glistening pulsing dickheads" -Porn O'Phile/Sinema

"Deception and cheating have never looked so sexy as they do in School for Lovers. I suppose that happens when a peerless director takes a proven story and molds it just so for a new genre, carefully casting only those who will fit the parts so perfectly. Bravo!"

"Kazan remains the master of light and scene. His indoor sets in particular are exquisite in their pastoral perfection and use of light and color. Spectacular bodies (...) always look better through Kazan's lens. Rok manages to be demure, demanding, surrendering, sexually intoxicating and altogether smoldering" -XFactor

"Fabulous videography, beautiful Italian backgrounds and a handsome cast (the final threeway with Vannelli --who bottoms!-- Franko and Jason takes the cake)" --GayVN

"Pick hit o' the month" --Unzipped

"Kazan's films always look beautiful and The School for Lovers is no exception. Sumptuous locations, top of the line hi-definition videography and handsome performers make this video another winner. With each new release, Kazan proves to be a masterful filmmaker and a helluva pornographer. Great stuff." -- Inches

"No one in the industry can create such unique and beautiful works of art through porn as Kazan can. Shots of five shirtless, smiling cast members walking in the field are just as hot as the final threesome (...) All of the bodies here are stunning to look at and the action plays out like you would imagine a sex opera or play would, with classical music serving as a backdrop to much of it"-- Adam Gay Video Directory 2007

HARD CHOICE AWARD: Most Passionate Sex (Hon. Mention): Roberto Giorgio & Karel Rok

GAYVN AWARD WINNER: Best Foreign Picture, Best Actor in a Foreign Picture (Jean Franko)

Grabby Award Winner: Best International Video

Maleflixxx People's Choice Award Nominee


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