The skin is flawless, the muscles supple, the movements luscious. -xxfactor.com

Italians & Other Strangers

Directed by Lucas Kazan in 2008


Introducing: Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana, Alessio Mancini.

With: Matthias Vannelli, Jean Franko, Ettore Tosi, Alex Orioli, Marc Dievo, Antonio Rinaldi, Lucas Andrades.


Sex cums in different colors:

Sex as love-making (Bruno Boni/Alex Orioli).
As outlet (Jean Franko/Alessio Mancini).
As playground (Antonio Rinaldi/Lucas Andrades/Ettore Tosi).
As fantasy (Daniele Montana/Marc Dievo).
As desire (Bruno Boni/Matthias Vannelli).
Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate --with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs.


What the Critics Say

"No one uses light and shadow to enhance the male figure as well as Kazan does. There's even an Italian word for it: chiaroscuro, which refers to the way light and shadow can be artistically used to add dimension to an image. His models are always shown to their best advantage, possibly better than they look even to their real lovers. The skin is flawless, the muscles supple, the movements luscious" -xxfactor.com

"Beautiful settings, crisp clean lit scenes, camera work second to none and the men... Oh the men... Superb! This film is a ten on every level" -Hot Magazine

"Lucas Kazan doesn't need plot to strike fantasy gold with one of his European-set masterpieces. Plot often helps him, but here, he's in a far different mood. Actually, he's in five different moods, that being the point of "Italians and Other Strangers." Kazan goes to great lengths to make sure each scene has a completely unique feel to it. This encompasses casting models who can understand the aura of their vignettes, lighting, setting and music to ground it all, and vision to spare. Everyone has such teeming focus, such potent drive..." -ManNet.com

"Some people see porn as purely a function of quick sexual release, and then there are others who can see porn as a potential artistic outlet of beauty, one where sex is not degrading, but an elevating celebration." -friskyfans.org

"Italians and Other Strangers is so beautifully crafted that one's almost reluctant to call it porn. The director's push for excellence is evident in every of (...) the supercharged 78 minutes. But, for all its sumptuous production values, what impressed me most (...) is that it features some of the most boner-inducing men on the planet" -Torso

XBiz Award nominated for glbt Movie of the year and glbt Director of the Year

7 GayVN Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor in a Foreign Picture (Bruno Boni), Best Sex Scene (Bruno/Matthias)

GayVN Winner Best Foreign Picture


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